Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While you can always call or write to us, may be these answers may answer some of your questions!

Is TouchBase a government initiative?

No. TouchBase is a product of Findability Sciences. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are approaching various goverment and non-goverment agencies to make use of this platform. Hence some state goverments and corporate may promote use of TouchBase.

Do you follow telemedicine guidelines provided by Medical Council of India

Yes. TouchBase technology follows the guidelines for technology platform Section #5 of guidelines provided by the board of governance of Medical Council of India issued on March 25, 2020 (

What is TouchBase Live?

TouchBase is a latest technology platform which allows remote consultation in real-time via video technology. This can be accessed via browser from any device which has internet connectivity and a video camera.

Through this application, Primary Care Physicians (doctor) can register themselves and record their available times. Patients who need consultations also registers online and look for a doctor who are online and available. The patient can then place a call and have one on one consultation on video. The doctor can make online notes, prescribe medicines and advice the patient on further care. The history of consultation is maintained for future reference of both doctors and patients.

I am a doctor. What do I need to use

Per the Medical Council guidelines we need to ensure the patient registered on the platform is a consulting with registered medical practitioners duly registered with national medical councils or respective state medical council and comply with relevant provisions. So we will need the registration number and relevant documents which proves the qualification to be uploaded in the system to authorize you to use the platform. We also reserve the right to conduct the due diligence to ensure complaince.  

Is this a free service?

Yes. Until June 2020,  because of the the COVID-19 pandemic, TouchBase Live is free of cost for both doctors and patients. 

Who is the developer of TouchBase Live?

TouchBase is developed by Findability Sciences, a 10-year-old Artificial Intelligence Software company having offices in Mumbai and Aurangabad in Maharashtra in addition to Boston, Tokyo and Toronto.

What are the minimum requirements to start using this application?

Any device with video camera and internet connectivity like smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer can be used to use TouchBase Live.

I am from Delhi. Can I register and use this service?

Yes. Any one who is resident of India can register and use it. Each doctor who is available is based on the state they belong to. So you may get connected to doctors in your state based on the location from where you are joining.

Someone in my family is injured can I consult a doctor on TouchBase?

TouchBase is developed for only primary care. This is not for emergency care or any medical procedures. Please consult to your nearest doctor or hospital for any injuries related consultation.

Can I talk to my existing doctor on TouchBase?

Currently TouchBase doesn’t allow clinic based access. Currently you need to consult with any doctor who is available online. If s/he happens to be your regular doctor, then you are lucky! Go ahead and hit connect.

I am a doctor. I would like to have my patients consult me over TouchBase. Can ask them to register?

You can have your existing patients get registered. Currently TouchBase doesn’t allow doctor specific queue based on patient selection. So the patients will see all the doctors available. If your patient find you online and available, s/he can connect and have consultation using TouchBase.  

I do not have email id. Can I still register?

Yes. You can use your mobile number to register.

Is there any specific time to call?

No. The way TouchBase works is a patient can login any time. If you find any doctor online that time you can consult to the doctor 24×7.

Is there an app in the app store?

Currently TouchBase is available through browser access. We will be launching iOS and Android app by September 2020.

Can we get doctor mobile number?

No. We don’t share any contact information either with patients or doctors.

Would I get information related to CORONA symptoms and other details of COVID19?

Yes.  TouchBase Virtual Assistant (TIVA) at the down right corner of this site. You can get assistant from TIVA for all CORONA related queries.

Can a doctor call another doctor using this platform?


As a Doctor, do I need to continuously be logged in into application?

Yes. During the time slot you have configured in your calendar as time you are available, you need to be logged in to the system.

How do I get trained on how to use the TouchBase platform?

You can refer to – All required training videos are available. Also watch Youtube channel to see videos in regional languages –

Why is my audio and video quality is poor?

This may be because of the low bandwidth or poor internet coverage. Try switching off the video so that you can have atleast clear voice communication.

Can I change my email or mobile number?

Yes. Login to your account to change the email and phone number. 

Can I print my prescription?

We are working on releasing this feature. Currently you cant take printout.

Can I use contact form for health related questions?

No. TouchBase is not a health service provider. The contact us is only for any technical issues on the site. You can seek health related advice only through a doctor when you are connected with him/her via video call. 

Can NCC/NSS or social orgnizations use this platform?

Yes. Care facilitators like NCC/NSS can offer this platform to the citizens at large and assist them in connecting to the primary care doctors.

Is my data secure?

Findability Sciences has strict data policies and your data will not be shared with anybody and not used for any other purposes. 

What is TIVA? Is some human answering my questions?

TIVA stands for TouchBase Intelligient Virtual Assistant. Its an AI based ChatBot trained with content from reliable sources. 

Where is TouchBase clinic?

TouchBase is not a healthcare company or clinic. TouchBase is a technology company offering a platform to connect patients to doctors, securly. We don’t offer any clinical services and we have no clinics or hospitals. 

Is TouchBase liable for consultation provided by the doctors?

Findability Sciences is a technolgy company and its product TouchBase connected patients to doctors. Findability Sciences is not responsible and liable for any consultation provided by the doctors. Doctors and patients are using this platform for their convenience and solely responsible for providing or seeking advice.