TouchBase powers the Doctors and Clients to get connected remotely, securely and via video to seek primary care advice.

Our cloud based technology is most suitable for General Physicians, Ayurvedic Doctors, Homeopathic Doctors, Psychologists for Primary care advice.

Touch base with a doctor, remotely, via a video call.

Real-time consultation, Secure, Convenient, Safe Distancing Compliant. 

On-demand primary care at a click of a button Feeling sick or have a health concern? Video call a doctor from comforts of your home.

Remote care can play an important role in keeping you and your community safe when there are concerns around infectious disease. If you should have symptoms, TouchBase is the best first stop to evaluate your condition by talking to a doctor live in realtime in a secure enviroment.



Register online

Register online. Enter your symptoms. 


Find a doctor

Find a doctor who is available online and call

Seek consultation

Connect on video and have “in-person” consultation.

Advantages of TouchBase Platform

TouchBase is a first of its kind platform which connects healthcare facilitators, to healthcare providers, to clients and to pharmacies in making sure each of them fulfill their requirements with ease.

For Care Givers

Attend to more clients from the comfort of your clinic or home. Extended  consultation availability from the safety of an environment where there is no risk of infections.

For Clients

Expert consultation at your finger tips. No travel. No long wait at the clinics. Call a doctor from your home, talk to them in person, get quick health advice or prescription. 

For Pharmacies

A doctor can issue prescription via SMS or email, which Pharmacy can receive to fulfill the requirement. This helps the pharmacist to provide faster and efficient service.


Use any device

 TouchBase platform can be accessed from your video enabled smart phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop.


Live Consultation

From comfort of place of your choice with a video enabled device and internet connection get connected with a doctor for real-time live consultation



Virtual in-person consultation provides secure environment and provides same quality health care without a risk of getting exposed to unhealthy environment.


Safe environment for Doctors

Health service providers like doctors and nurses can operate from a safe environment without getting exposed to undue risks but continue providing excellent healthcare to those who are in need.


Virtual Walk-In

Walk-in virtually any time and consult with any available doctor. Instant consultation for a healthy and happy life.


Free of cost

For the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making this platform available free of cost to all the care seekers and care givers. All our registered doctors are providing free consultation.

TouchBase is the technology developed by experts in Artificial Intelligiance and Cognitive Technologies

TouchBase Live is an initiatve of Findability Sciences. Visit for more details.